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As of June 2018, the Town of Pierson has retained the Building Services of UNIVERSAL ENGINEERING SERVICES. This company is locally managed and we will have a Building Official here on Wednesdays as needed. If you need to discuss a permit issue, call the Town Clerk and she will schedule a time with the Building Official or you can email us at info@townofpierson.org.   

For all inspection needs, contact the numbers shown below

or follow the email instructions as indicated:

Call in inspection: Telephone # 386-756-1105

Fax in inspection: Telephone # 386-760-4067

​Email in inspection: BuildingInspectionRequests-Daytona@universalengineering.com

When you email or call or fax, you need to indicate the following: 

Date of Inspection, Physical address, Permit number with type of inspection being requested.

If you require more than one, list them and give your name and contact number. 

Any inspection required before or after Wednesday can be accommodated at an additional cost of $75.00 per day. If it is 2 or more on the same day, for the same address, it will be covered by this fee. This would need to be paid in advance of the inspection at town hall.

Below are the new applications and forms to be used.

Building Department

Building Permit Applications

When submitting to the Town of Pierson office, please have two sets of  of all supporting documents for review. 

We can accept an email only if the supporting documents are 5 pages or less and the originals submitted at time of payment. You can send to info@townofpierson.org 

Most of these forms are fillable when downloaded and saved to your computer 

​​Permit Application  **

103.6 Permit Application_Pierson- UES.pdf

Building Packet  **

  210.2 Bldg Permit Packet- UES.pdf

Demolition Worksheet **

 Pierson Demolition Worksheet Fillable.pdf

Permit Checklist - Dwelling ** 

 Permit Checklist- One and Two Family Dwelling.pdf

Permit Checklist - Certificate of Occupancy **

 Permit Checklist- COO Requirements.pdf

Owner Affidavit **

 Owner Builder Affidavit.pdf

Lot Drainage Affidavit **

 Lot Drainage- Driveway Affidavit.pdf

Roof Affidavit **

Pierson Roof Affidavit.pdf

Roof Affidavit (Spanish) **

Pierson Roof Affidavit- Spanish.pdf

Permit Extension ** 

Permit Extension Form.pdf

​Volusia County ​Notice of Commencement Form **  

Volusia NoticeofCommencementfillable.pdf

Non-fillable -Change of Contractor **

 Change of Contractor- Pierson.pdf