As of July 2016, the Town of Pierson has retained the Building Services of SAFEbuilt. This company is locally managed and we will have a Building Official here on Wednesdays as needed. If you need to discuss a permit issue, call the Town Clerk and she will schedule a time with the Building Official or you can email us at   

For all inspection needs, you need to contact the numbers indicated below:

Florida Inspection Line 1-855-445-7630- YOU MUST leave a detailed message for a response.
Email inspection requests to:
Fax inspection requests to:

Below are the new applications and forms to be used.

Building Department

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Building Permit

Applications Below

(These forms are fillable when downloaded and saved to your computer) 

​Permit Application  ** 103.6 Permit Application_Pierson.pdf

Building Packet  **  210.2 Bldg Permit Packet.pdf

Roof Permit Checklist  ** 201 Roof Permit Checklist.pdf

Roofing Packet  ** 210.1 Roofing Permit Packet.pdf

Roof Affidavit ** Pierson Roof Affidavit.pdf

Roof Affidavit (Spanish) ** Pierson Roof Affidavit- Spanish.pdf

​Single Family Residence / Certificate of Occupancy Checklist

202 SFR CO Requirements Checklist.pdf

​Single Family Residence / Permit Requirement Checklist

203 SFR Permit Requirements Checklist.pdf

Owner / Builder Affidavit **  112 Owner Builder Aff.pdf

Volusia County ​Notice of Commencement Form **  Volusia NoticeofCommencementfillable.pdf

​Building Permit Authorization Form **  110 Bldg Permit Authorization.pdf

Building Permit  Extension Form ** Permit Extension Form.pdf

County Impact Fee Application  ** County Impact Fee App.pdf