"Fern Capital of the World"

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    Mayor Samuel G.S. Bennett


As of  May 1, 2022

Four (4) Year Term

Names Next Elections


Samuel G.S. Bennett   2024

Vice Mayor

Robert F. Greenlund


Council Seat #1

Linnie R. Richardson2026

Council Seat # 2

Brandy Peterson2026

Council Seat # 3

Sergia Cardenas2024

Council Woman Brandy Peterson

   Council Woman Linnie R. Richardson

Council Woman Sergia Cardenas

      Vice Mayor Robert Greenlund

Town Council

The Town of Pierson on May 19, 2020 had a Special Election that changed the Charter allowing the merging of the Mayor and Chairman seats and eliminating

the Vice Chair position. 

This allows the Mayor position the right to vote and eliminating one of the council seats and adding a Vice Mayor.

Now the council is comprised of 5 voting members; Mayor and four council members.

The Vice Mayor position shall be elected by the council at each new Election year  Each member's term is four years and there are no term limits.  Election seats are staggered.