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Application for Service:

Customers may make application for water service in person at Pierson Town Hall, 106 N. Center Street, Pierson, Florida, with the necessary deposit and hookup fee as required.  It is mandatory that all houses be hooked into the water system or pay the monthly availability fee.  The following information is needed:  

  1. Owner or renter's name  
  2. Service address  
  3. Driver’s license #  
  4. Documentation of lease (rental) or ownership (proof of purchase)  
  5. Deposit  

Payment in full of any previous balances due may be required prior to establishing new service. 


A security deposit is required on residential and commercial accounts.  Customers who have tenants are required to place a deposit on all new accounts.  The Utility Account Application Form must be completed.  If property is sold, or tenant vacates, deposits are returned after any and all monies due have been satisfied.  Deposit may be applied toward monies due and remainder, if any, will be refunded to customer at the forwarding mailing address supplied.

Meter Reads:

Meters will be read on the 20th of every month (or 1st working day thereafter).  For billing purposes, readings are rounded and consumption is billed in whole thousands of gallons.

Rate Structure:

The rate structure for utility water accounts is a combination of a monthly availability fee and water consumption charges.  The monthly availability fee is a fixed charge that is billed monthly regardless of occupancy or usage.  The consumption charge varies depending on the amount of water registered at the meter.  The first 2000 gallons of water consumption is inclusive in the monthly availability fee, and thereafter, additional charges are based per water usage.


Payment is due when rendered but we allow up to the 15th day of the following month (or 1st working day thereafter) to avoid a late fee. It will be considered delinquent if not paid by that date.  Payments will be accepted in cash, money order or personal check and credit/debit card is acceptable as well with a service fee by the company that is available.

IN PERSON:    Pierson Town Hall, 106 N. Center Street, Pierson, FL 32180, Monday through Friday / 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

DROP BOX:    There is no drop / night box at this time. 

BY MAIL:  Town of Pierson Utilities, 106 N. Center Street, Pierson, FL 32180

ONLINE: visit the website: www.ub-pay.com and use Municipal Code - PiersonFL180. For more information review the Residential Customers tab above

Returned Payments:

A charge will be assessed for any returned payment.  A week’s notice is provided to satisfy the returned payment and related charges prior to disconnection of service.  This notice is provided on the first returned payment only.  Subsequent returned payments will result in immediate disconnection of service without notice.  Once service has been disconnected for a returned payment, the full balance on the account must be paid including any fees in cash or by money order.

Delinquent Charges/Turn Offs:

Non-payment by the due date will result in a late charge penalty equal to 10% of bill.  Non-payment within 60 days from the due date will result in water being turned off and will not be reconnected until all past due charges have been fully paid which will include a reconnection fee.

Non-Receipt of Billing Notice:

In the event you do not receive your utility bill notice, please contact us at 386/749-2661.  Failure to receive a bill notice does not relieve the customer from payment obligation nor charges for late or delinquent payments.


Per Florida Statute 159.17, unpaid balances billed to property owners constitute a lien against the property.  The Town of Pierson may also file paper liens against the property to further document the lien and additional fees may apply to the customer.

Lien Search Requests:

- All request are to be emailed to:info@townofpierson.org 

- Please submit a detailed request of the required information with parcel ID and / or Alternate Key number.

- There is no fee for a turnaround of minimum 72 hours.

- A fee of $25.00 in cash or check would be needed for any expediated request under 72 hours. 

Meter Tampering:

Customers are responsible for the meters on accounts.  Unauthorized access to water or damage to equipment will result in a meter tampering fee plus equipment replacement costs and labor charges.

Change of Address:

It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the Town of Pierson Utilities of any mailing address changes.  If your mailing address has changed, please contact us at 386-749-2661 with the proper information.

Contact Information:

It is the customer’s responsibility to update their contact information with the Town of Pierson Utilities.  The Town will make every attempt to contact customers with the information provided but cannot guarantee that calls will be received.

Garbage / Recycling Collection Only:

If you reside within town limits, garbage collection services are contracted with Waste Corporation of America (WCA) to provide this service to you. As of April 2016 Recycling has been added. Garbage collection is once a week with carts provided by WCA and recycling services provided on requested basis with WCA providing the 18 gallon bins at $17.85 per residential unit/house per month. You are to call WCA at 1-800-535-9533 or 1-844-523-0978 in order to establish an account or visit their website at www.wcawaste.com .  WCA will bill you directly for services.

County Recycling toters will be removed by May 15, 2016.


For questions or inquiries, you may call Town of Pierson Utilities at 386/749-2661, fax at 386/749-3239 or contact us online at CONTACT US.